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Creator's announcement: First off, I'd like to thank everyone for their wonderful responses! I honestly didn't expect to win this thing, and your reactions have made it so much better. Kudos to you all for being so positive! You're great. I'd also like to add that yes, as a matter of fact, all the items for sale under the "gear" section are, in fact, both real and purchasable. If there's something you don't see there and would like to (an art design you'd like, a design on a specific item, etc.) just say the word and I'll see what I can do. Thanks again, and stay posted for potential future creative products based around this, including potential fiction and maybe even a webcomic! Thanks again!

**bounces in, waving** KONICHIWAAA!!! It's me, Magical Pretty Girl Kitten-san! Welcome to my shrine for my new favorite show, "The Adventures of Magical Kitty Princess Cutie-Kat"! It's all new, and it's like the coolest show EVER! I SOOO wanna cosplay as Cutie-Kat now! Her outfit is just SOOO cute!!! I saw ALL the fansubs (downloaded 'em- shhh!) and now it's all out on dvd, which is, like, so unbelievably cool! So I just HAD to make a shrine for it, cause I love it SO much. Sorry, peeps, but there's not much here now- a few pics, basic show info, and a couple links to some really cool gear! I just wish they'd make a wall scroll **sniff** Oh, yeah, and soem reviews, so you can see how everyone knows how cool this show is, not just me! It's got magic and cute outfits and cat people and LOADS of bishies! **squees at bishi overload** Oh, yeah, you all should know- Guriel is MINE! **grabs him and holds on tight** You can't havehim! He's MY man! I'm gonna steal him from Sakura, and no one else is gonna get him! We're getting married, aren't we, sweetie Guriel-kun?... **cuddles and kisses him** Oh, yeah, and I'm gonna wirte some mega-coll fanfics as soon as I get outta school for the year. So be sure to check back! And if any o' you peeps out there have a midi of the show's theme song, PLEEEASE share it iwth me?!?! **big shiny anime girl eyes** I wanna play it on here, and if you shared you'd be my best friend for ever and ever! And watch out for some AMV's! I wanna make a whole pile of 'em just as soon as I get more of the show on dvd! This totally ROCK! Also, watch out for my Guriel-kun shrine! all about the best bishi on the block.... **hides him from the other girls** So sorry there's npt much here now, but check back soon and see what else I've added! Till then, SAYONARA!!!

Yup, a couple reviews, like i promised! They'll get their own page once I get a few more, but till then, read about teh coolness!

"A magical journey! Vivid and colorful, this anime takes its genre to areas never before explored. It goes into a whole new level of storytelling. Well done!" - "Newtype" magazine

"An enchanting tour de force! Adorable characters, eye-catching designs, and a plot like no other! This story has it all!" - "Animerica" magazine

"Delightful! Even if you don't normally like shows like this, try 'Kitty Princess Cutie-Kat.' It won't disappoint!" - Cartoon Network

"I vow I will never miss another volume of this show. It takes me places I have never dreamt of. Please, do yourself a favor and watch this show! It's defining the future of anime as we know it." - "Shojo Beat" magazine

"This show is an abomination. It is nothing more than a hackneyed mess of stereotypes and cliches, created in the name of profit and marketing. If you value your sanity, don't watch it!" - Anime News Network


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FANFICS! (coming soon!)



Hey, peeps, I made all the graphics on this page myself, so pretty please don't steal them! Thankee!! Oh, and pretty pretty please write me something nice in my guestbook!!! I wanna meet all my other cool fans! Thankee again!!! :)

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